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The site www.bibliografia-valdese.com  is a joint project of the Foundation Centro Culturale Valdese in Torre Pellice, the Società di Studi Valdesi in Torre Pellice and the Reformierter Bund in Deutschland in Hannover. It has financial support from the Regione Piemonte (L.R. 25/98) and the Tavola Valdese (projects financed unter the 0.8% tax contribution scheme). The Reformierter Bund in Deutschland in Hannover will be responsible for web design and maintenance.

Manager of the Centro Culturale Valdese, Torre Pellice: Donatella Sommani (segreteria@fondazionevaldese.org)
President of the Società di Studi Valdesi, Torre Pellice: Susanne Peyronel (susanna.peyronel@unimi.)it
General secretary of the Reformierter Bund in Deutschland in Hannover: Jörg Schmidt (vogler@reformierter-bund.de)
Webmaster: Klaus Vogler (info@reformierter-bund.de)
Scientific responsability: Albert de Lange (delange@jalb.de)